Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am not my hair...or am I?

I went and did What I had to do
Because it was time to change my life
To become the women that I am inside
-India.Arie I am not my Hair

So anyone that knows me, knows that I go to the shop to get my hair done FAITHFULLY. It is a very important aspect of my life for many reasons. The main reason is because when my hair looks good, I look good, which in turn makes me feel good. The 2nd reason is because I really don't know how to do my own hair LOL.

So a couple weeks ago I decided that this was all going to change. Why? Because I have been letting my hair control my life and I no longer want that to be the case. So you may be wondering how has my hair taken control of my life...well I will explain to you some of the main ways it has:

--I plan my whole life around getting my hair done. Even though I am not a morning person, if I know I have a hair appt, I will get out of bed. Also I will miss out on other things if it conflicts with me getting my hair done. Even when I didn't drive, I would always find a way to from Westwood to Long Beach to get my hair done even if it meant taking the bus for 3 hours each way which I HATE! And I will even spend my last dollar to make sure I can get my hair done, it is really shame.

--Fear of getting my hair wet: At the age of 21 I still don't know how to swim, and I refuse to learn because I don't ever want to get my hair wet. This also limits me from other activities such as getting on water rides at amusement parks because I don't want to get my hair wet.

--Fear of 'sweating out' my hair. Since I don't have a perm, any type of humidity or sweat will ruin my lovely pressed hair. So I use this as an excuse not to exercise. Although I am fairly slim, I am really out of shape and from the looks of my family, I wont be slim for long, which means I need to start working out ASAP, but I never do because I don't want to sweat out my hair. Also, when I go to parties or the club, I cant enjoy myself, because I know once I start dancing my hair is going to sweat out. So usually when I have fun at a party, I walk out looking a hot mess!

(look at my hair...a hot, sweaty mess!! eeewwww and when it dried my roots were an afro with straight ends...smh)

--If my hair isn't done, I don't feel cute, so I don't want to go anywhere. Even if I have the best outfit and best makeup, if my hair isn't done than it doesn't even matter.

So to resolve these issues I have decided to go natural! Well technically I am already 'natural' because I don't have any chemical processing on my hair (relaxers/perms/texturizers, etc). But although I have never chemically straightened my hair, from blow drying/pressing/flat ironing my hair so much over the years, by hair has definitely lost it's curl pattern and has been damaged by the heat. So I am going to try a no-heat challenge starting in August. I will start in August, because since I will not be working or going to school I will have the time to devote to learning my hair. Also, because since its so hot in August, its a perfect time to be natural so I don't have to worry about sweating out my hair or getting my hair wet in the pool. The other great thing about August, is I have nowhere to go, so I can stay hidden at home if I don't like my hair...hopefully I will be better at styling once I start back to school in late September.

I am excited yet nervous about this challenge. I am excited to try out new styles and products. I am also excited about starting to get more active and having to worry less about my hair. And I excited about getting my hair back to a healthy, natural state. I am nervous about my patience and how well I will do with styling. This is because I HATE doing hair and I barely know how to put my hair in a ponytail. I don't really own any hair products or tools, so now I will have to go spends lots of money to get started. I am hoping that I don't get frustrated and give up. I am also nervous about telling my stylist/cousin that I am leaving her...since I have been a faithful client for so long. I am also nervous about how I will look. I always felt pretty when I left the shop with my pressed/flat ironed hair. So I hope I feel as pretty in my natural state!

Until I start my no heat challenge, I am wearing my hair in a weave, This is because I will be leaving to Atlanta in about a week and my pressed hair wont last in the humid summer and from there I will be heading to Spain with my stylist miles away, so I wont have anyone to help me with my hair, and I wont have the time, tools, patience to try and do my own hair while I'm out there. Also, I figured a weave would give my hair a break and allow some natural hair to grow out :)

Below are pix of my new weave. It is a sew in with 16in Indian wavy hair which was flat ironed. It is a partial weave so I have a small amount of my hair left out on the sides and front which is pressed and flat ironed. I will get my hair done again next week before I leave for ATL/Spain and after that I am on my own. I will probably wear it straight for the 1st 2 weeks and then just wear it wavy afterwards. This will give me a chance to play around with some natural styles although this hair is way different and longer than mine. Once I get back to the US I will take out my weave and start my journey to natural hair care!



Victoria said...

The hair is hot! Definitely worth all the sacrifices! ;-) --- I think??? Lol

Rochelle said...

Thanks Victoria...I'll let u know if its worth it LOL

Sunny Side-Up said...

I applaud you for being so honest.

Congrats on realizing your insecurities. I'm excited to continue reading your blog to see how you've changed.

God bless lista!


CurlyChellez said...

thank u! I enjoy reading your blog as well!

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