Sunday, June 27, 2010

Madrid and Toledo

So my time in Madrid was very brief, and honestly, not too exciting, but that is partially my fault. So we left Barcelona like 9a and took like a 5-6 hour bus ride to Madrid. We stayed and the Vincci Soma Hotel Calle Goya 79, Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid 28000, tel. +34 914 357 545) . The location was ok, it was a short walk to the Metro and H&M was right next door :). Oh and the self serve breakfast buffet was amazing!

pillow menu
So after we checked in we went to sleep like usual. Then we woke up and were starving so we went on a hunt for food. So we go outside and it's raining, but we still go out and search. So we are walking up the street and appears everything is closed. We run into this drunk couple at the gas station and the girl tells us that we probably won't find anything at this time, so we should just get something out of the vending machine. The sandwiches in the machine didn't look too appealing to me, so I figured we might as well search a little more and if we don't find anything then we would come back to the vending machine. Luckily we found this place called "Cafe and Te" that was open. I was so glad that we didn't settle on the vending machine. So there I got a hamburger (I know it's bad that I'm way in Europe still eating hamburgers, but its was the most appealing/cheapest thing on the  menu). So my trip in the rain was worth it and after that we headed back to the hotel.

Next morning we got up and walked to the Prado museum. The walk was about 20-30min. The Prado Museum (Museo Del Prado) features artwork up until Picasso which marks the transition into modern art. The famous Las Meninas by Valazquez, many famous Goya paintings, and other famous artwork is on display at the Prado. Your not allowed to take pix inside, so I didn't get to capture all of the beautiful art, but everything is online nowadays anyway. Also, I loved my tourguide, she didn't put me asleep like the tour guide in Barcelona. This guide had a sense of humor and she also knew all the gossip LOL.

 So after the tour we went on another search for food. This time we ended up at this chain restaurant called VIPS. We got an amazing deal there and the food was decent. I think I got pasta to start, then steak as my entree, and a crepe for dessert.

After that we went to Plaza del Sol. Its like an outdoor shopping area, but wasn't too exciting to me, so we caught the metro back to the hotel and went to sleep.

The next day we got up and walked the the Reina Sofia Museum which was like a 30-40 min walk. This is a museum of modern art. It has many famous Picasso paintings, including Guernica. We had the same tour guide and she was just as entertaining as the previous day.

 From there we went on another hunt for food. We ended up in this small restaurant. I just got a grilled ham and cheese sandwhich, but it was the best I've had in life LOL, plus it was only 3 Euros and it also included fries and a drink. After that we went back to Plaza del Sol, so that I could go to the Orange store and register my prepaid phone. After that we went back to the room to sleep lol.

Later that night we got dressed and was ready to check out Madrid's nightlife. We met up with some friends who heard that Club Buddha was the place to be. So we went out in the rain and caught a taxi to the club. The club was far, once the taxi got on the freeway, we started to get a lil scared LOL. Finally we get there and the ride was 18 Euros!!!! Luckily it was 4 of us in the taxi so we were able to split it. So we get up to the club and its hella expensive to get in, and it looked pretty boring, the bouncer said its more like a lounge and we saw mostly older people going inside. So we were like F this, let's  just go to Kapital (a popular club in Madrid).

So we catch another cab, and go Kapital, which is way closer to our hotel, so we basically wasted our money by going way to Buddha. And it was hella traffic once we got closer to Kapital, which made our cab more expensive. Buy the time we got to Kapital it was pretty late, so we had to pay 20 Euros to get in...WTF! We were already there, so we were just like whatever at that point, plus it was our last night in Madrid, and entry came with a drink so we just paid. So the club is huge with 7 floors. But honestly I still wasnt that impressed. I think I was so turnt down about how much money I spent, at that point I barely had enough to catch a taxi back to the hotel, because I didn't plan on spending that much money. Plus I was too sober to really have fun, after I got so drunk in Barcelona, I tried to stay away from alcohol. The most fun I had at the club was watching my friends and some random Australian guys play pool. Plus one of the Aussie guys was kinda cute!

So yeah after that we went home and then got up early the next morning to get back on the bus, this time heading to Granada, but we made a stop in Toledo on the way. Toledo is the old capital of Spain. It is a very beautiful, small city. We pretty much just wandered around the city. We visited the Museum of Torture, then we had lunch. Then we got back on the bus for our long trip to Granada.

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