Friday, June 4, 2010

Smarter than a Smartphone

“Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology”
-John Tudor

So today I got the much talked about HTC Evo 4g! I think like a week or 2 ago I preordered it from RadioShack. So I just went in to RadioShack filled out a little form and bought a $50 giftcard as my deposit. This was a lot easier than getting in line at 5am like I did for last years much talked about phone, the Palm Pre. And I ended up hating that phone, so it wasnt even worth it!

Well anyways, RadioShack called me yesterday and told me I have to make an appointment to come pick up my phone. They had appointments starting at 6a, but the earliest available appointment they had was at 10:30a so thats what I took. So I set my alarm for 8:30a and hit the alarm for about an hour (I am NOT a morning person, unless its to get my hair done LOL ). Finally I dragged myself out of bed at 9:30a, quickly got dressed and was out the door by 10:10a. I was rushing because the manager said if I wasn't on time then I would have to wait 45min. So even though I was in a rush and I'm super lazy, I walked instead of driving. I tried to tell myself that I walked to get some excercise, but honestly I walked because currently I have my Dad's pickup truck because I need it to move and I didnt feel like driving that big ol thing and dealing with the little crowded parking structure. Because I'm not too good with manuerving in the big/long truck.

So instead I took the 15-20min walk. It was actually more closer to 20min since I took the long way on accident. So I got there at like 10:33am and they told me that the system is really slow since so many people are trying to activate the phone right now, so I would have to wait about 30min until they were done with the current customer and then it would probably take them an hour to activate my phone. So I just browsed aroud the store while I waited. Well after many mishaps, $264, and over 3 hours later, I finally walked out of the store with my new phone, a screen protector and a car charger! I was disappointed that they didn't have a silicone cover for the phone, but I saw one online, so I guess I'll have to go get that later. Oh and since I preordered my phone, RadioShack gave me $20 accessory credit. But the screen protector alone was like $17, but supposedly its like the best protector there is. I think Im gonna return the car charger, because I think my old one will work for this phone. Also since so many people were on the network, I couldnt initially use the internet features on my phone...weak! But I was too tired to even care. Also, while in the store I found out that I have to pay an extra $10 on my plan just because I have the Evo, the reasoning was because "it's smarter than a smart phone". And that price doesnt even include the mobile hot spot feature, thats like an extra $30/month. Since I live on a campus that has free wireless almos everywhere I opted out of that, plus I wont even be using my phone soon since Im going out of the country. Well I will try to use it enough before I leave so that I can give ya'll a thorough review of it before I take off!


superluch said...

Checkout its dedicated to get Sprint to give some type of logical explanation for the extra $120/year. To date they have done a horrible job.


Rochelle said...

Thanks for the link, I checked it out, and now I will most likely be following up with Sprint!

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