Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to Atlanta

Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play
And we ride on them thangs like every day
Big beats, hit streets, see gangstas roamin
And parties dont stop til eight in the mornin

So I have visited Atlanta twice, both for the Atlanta Greek Picnic (2009 and 2010). I had soooo much fun my first time! I think the reason I had such a great time was because (in no particular order)...

-I with some of my favorite people...(my line sisters) Shout outs to Kinaya!

-Lots of eyecandy ;)

-Nupes real showed Indiana Love, which I don't always see in Cali
- My sorors won 1st place in both the step show and the stroll off
-the host hotel for AGP was the Hyatt, which has a great setup for socializing, we didn't even have to leave the hotel to have fun and meet people

-I had a chance to reunite with some fellow greeks


-I met some greeks that I still keep in touch with

-I was able to meet sorors from my chapter that crossed in the 90s and currently live in GA

-they had better events in 09, such as the skate night at Cascade (the rink from TI's movie ATL)

-everywhere I went was like a carshow


-Black people were everywhere! (I currently live in West LA and attend UCLA, so excuse me for being so excited to see black people LOL)
-we were able to show the south how we do it in Cali!
-was able to experience a different Greek culture
-and for all of the unforgettable moments

Well I went again this year and I really considered it a waste of my money :( Just didn't compare at all to the year before, mainly because my sands weren't there. But also seem that all the eye candy disappeared too LOL. But my sorors won the stepshow and stroll-off AGAIN!

Well anyways, here are some things to note that might be useful to your trip to Atlanta
-There is a Waffle House almost everywhere! Its cheap and it's 24 hours, similar to Denny's or Norm's in Cali. I even saw LisaRaye there.

-Magic City isn't all what its hyped up to be. Its small, not decorated nicely, only 2 poles (that the stripper's didn't even use), but the strippers get fully nude. But they sell food inside, I didn't taste it though, I only had this baby sized Margarita my friend bought me. Plus it cost $20 to get inside (cash only) plus $20 to park, but we parked in the secondary lot that wasn't too far which cost $10. Oh and they dance to the down south music LOL. Umm I have been to 3 strip clubs in Vegas that were all better than Magic City to me. *Note: I didn't take the pic below, I found in online, and trust the place looks worse than this pic

-The Underground. Nothing special to me, just a whole bunch of vendors selling stuff I don't want.

-Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles. Does not compare to Roscoes at all!!!!!! Plus its more expensive...but it does have more options than Roscoe's

-they serve sweet tea everywhere! I was hooked!
-Need a fast food spot? Chik-Fil-A is just as common, if not more as McDonalds out there

-they will split your bill at every restaurant, no matter how large your party is! This is like unheard of in Cali.
-Many places that sell alcohol are closed on Sundays...the south is much more religious than the West Coast
-the, humid, thunderstorms...hence the reason I got a weave both times I went
-I was told that "5points" was considered a bad neighborhood and so is College Park

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