Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cordoba and Sevilla

We departed from Granada at 9a to take the bus to Cordoba. We arrived around noon. We visited  Mezquita of Córdoba (a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful world’s mosques).
At 2p we got back on the bus for another 2 hour ride to Sevilla. We got there and checked in to  Hotel Fernando III  (Calle San Jose 21, 41004, Sevilla) and went to sleep til the next morning. On Sunday morning we visited the Alcazar (the Moorish royal palace) at 10 AM.  In the afternoon we visited the Cathedral, which is the third largest in the world and one of the most beautiful attractions of the city. After that we went souveneir shopping and then had lunch. Tayla insisted that we go to an authentic Spanish restaurant, yet she ordered chicken and potatoes...smh. I ordered the meal that was called "tail of a bull" on the English menu, so I just translated that to mean Oxtails. My family is Guyanese, so we eat us some oxtails LOL. My meal was actually really good except my oxtails had too much fat on it. And I washed it down with some good ol Sangria. Oh, and Tayla enjoyed her meal as well. After that we packed up and rushed back to Granada in time to go watch the World Cup final at the tent.

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