Friday, October 15, 2010

My 1 month Curliversary

So I have been officially curly for 1 month! Yay!!!! The last time I got my hair pressed/flat ironed was August 31, 2010. And I washed my hair on September 15, making me an official "curly" since then.

I must admit that this 1 month has not been all smiles. Actually I think its been more frustration than happiness, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. You want to know why????????????

...beause I have spent way too much money and time to give up now! LOL! I bet ya'll thought I was gonna say something real deep about how I'm not giving up, but for real, I m already a Product Junkie and I have bought so many hair products that if I give up all that money would be a waste. But also, in all seriousness, I know that the journey has been rough, but that it will result in healthy, beautiful least I hope it does.

So you might be wondering what some of my frustrations have been..well I will tell you!
-it's very time consuming!!!! each time I style my hair it takes at least 2 hours if not more, depending on the style, if i deep condition, etc. And even after all that, the style only lasts for a few days and sometimes less. This is a big difference compared to me usually just spending a couple hours in the salon and having a style that last for 2 weeks!
-I am obsessed with natural hair care, I think about it all day, and Im constantly researching products, styles, hair care, etc. Im either thinking about my hair or doing my hair which has had a negative impact on my other resposibilities in life, especially school!
-I haven't been feeling as pretty :( But maybe its because I havent perfected the styles yet...give me a couple more months and I should have mastered some styles that still make me feel pretty. But ironically I receive much more compliments on my hair now, so even though Im not feeling it, it appears that everyone else is! But sometimes I feel that people are just complimenting me because they feel the need to say something. Kind of like if someone has a baby, even if the baby isn't aestically pleasing, most people will still say "awwwh the baby is so cute"! That's how I sometimes feel about the compliments I receive.
-Since I am a Resident Assistant (RA), there are always people coming to my door, at any given time. Most of these people are not black and/or not familiar with natural hair. This presents an issue when Im in the middle of a styling session and I have to answer my door. Since I like where I work, I dont want to come to the door with a head full of flexirods, and I refuse to just take out all of my hard work and the rods are too big to fit under a hat. So what are my options at that point? Most of the time if I can, I just pretend I'm not in the room and I don't answer the door. DON'T JUDGE ME LOL! I'm just hoping the fire alarm doesn't go off while Im in the middle of a styling session, because then I will really be SOL
-When my styles fail and I have to be somewhere in a hurry it really just ruins my day. I usually resort to a bun...any other suggestions?
-Since I am not used to my hair being curly, its hard to keep track of my hair. Its hard to tell if my hair is shedding normally or if its breakge, etc. Or even if I am retaining length. I guess after time I will be able to recognize these things better

So I bet after all of that you are thinking...what are the benefits?!?! I will also tell you those!
-I am actually learning about my hair. You would think that after 22 years that I know my hair, but I actully was very clueless, I have learned so much about my hair in theis 1 month, its crazy!

-I have much more variety in my look, rather that just my regular wrap

-(I think) my hair is getting healthier

-I am able to do my own hair...for once in my life!!!!

So Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" video released 3 days after my curliversary, so I thought I'd add it!

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