Monday, November 15, 2010

Android Apps worth downloading

So in one of my earlier posts, I mentioned my purchase of the HTC Evo, which is an Android phone. I love this phone, and I also love many apps on it. Below I listed the apps I have downloaded that you might want to download yourself. BTW, all the apps mentioned below are free, I think so of them have better versions that are available for purchase.

Fandango Movies: you can search theaters/showtimes nearby you, buy tickets, look at reviews, watch trailers and more

Foursquare: useful for tips of nearby places and connecting with friends, can also link to Facebook and Twitter

Fring: free video calls! My phone has a front facing camera as well as a back facing camera, the front facing camera allows me to video chat, similar to Skype.

Gas Buddy: Helps you find the lowest gas prices nearby

Lookout Mobile Security: Blocks viruses and spyware, backsup contacts, photos and call history, , locate phone on a map, activate a loud alarm

Pandora: Personalized radio station

PingChat!: Somewhat like BBM, but you can use it across Android, iPhone and BlackBerry networks.

Shazam: Ever hear a song, but don't know the name? With Shazam it will tell you the name and artist of the song playing and give you the option to buy it.

Tango: Allows you to video chat...similar to the Fring app

Twidroyd: Personally my favority Twitter app for an Android phone. I have also tried Twitter for Android, Peep, and Tweetcaster, but I like Twidroyd the best.

Vlingo: Very useful app, especially when driving. It will read your texts aloud and also allows you to send texts, email, search, use Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare and much more by just talking into the phone.

The Weather Channel: Useful for checking the weather, also can use GPS to give you the weather of you current location.

Yelp: Search for places nearby or afar, look up reviews, etc!


xoxopreciosa. said...

Reading this really made me miss my G1 lol. What type of android phone do you have?

Rochelle said...

I have the HTC Evo...what type of phone do you have now?

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