Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3 month

Wow, it has already been 3 months since I started my healthy hair journey. During these 3 months I have tried twists (outs), flat twist (outs), bantu knots, curlformers and flexirods. Currently my hair is still straight from when I straightened it for my graduation pictures and on Friday I will be putting my hair in a weave as a protective style for the winter. As for the length of my hair, it is pretty much the same since I got it trimmed when I got it straightened and last week I also did a 'search & destroy'. I plan on cutting off my damaged hair as new hair grows in. So my goal is to have a full head of healthy and natural hair by May 2012. So until then the length of my hair shall remain the same since I will trim it at the rate it grows.

 1 month into my hhj (10/15/10), old twist out right before I washed my hair

10/16/10 curlformer set

10/21/10 damp hair

10/29/10 flat twist out

11/6/10 soaking wet hair, no product

11/11/10 hair before trim

11/11/10 just trimmed, IDK what I was looking at LOL

11/11/10 hair after trim


quarurii said...

nice!! i love.. but doesnt heat damage? and do the heat protectors really work?
you have beautiful hair all the same. i also had my big chop a three days ago so am on my way to natural hair :^)

CurlyChellez said...

I washed my hair yesterday and my hair still curled up but it was much easier to detangle (I just used my fingers). I'm not sure if heat protectants really work, but I hope they do, b/c I plan on getting my hair straightened again in June for my graduation.

And congrats on the big chop, I'm sure it looks lovely!

Happy Hair Journey :)

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