Monday, December 6, 2010

Music Monday - (3 videos this week, share your response)

This past week 2 very sexual videos were released. The 2 videos I am referring to are Raheem DeVaughn's "She's Single" and Keri Hilson's "The Way You Love Me". Now many people are saying that these are both publicity stunts for the artists, but I mean, what's wrong with that? In the case of Raheem, many are saying that he has real talent and doesn't need to do this. And a lot of people are giving Keri Hilson a hard time for being too sexual in the video. Although I do not like the song or video, I hate the double standard. I didn't hear any complaints about Trey Songz video, but when it's a female its a different story. I personally dislike the song and I honestly think the acting is bad and she is trying to hard, plus she can't dance so she just looks awkward. I actually like Raheem's song, but it also has the same beat as Lil Wayne's "Single" which I also included in this post. So all 3 videos are included....please share your thoughts!


xoxopreciosa|hair & make-up said...

Keri's video is nothing new, seen it before. And, at least she's honest about what she wants. Raheem's was too much, it wasn't appealing, and I don't see the point of him releasing it. I like Wayne's version better anyway. *shrugs*

Rochelle said...

Do you know if they play these vids on TV? Cuz I never watch TV, I just saw them on the internet.

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