Saturday, January 8, 2011

Updates + Mini Haul

So just to update on my weave, I washed it after  a week with my Giovanni 50:50 shampoo by putting some squirts of shampoo in a color applicator bottle and mixing in wter so that I could apply the shampoo to my scalp. After rinsing I applied Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment to my hair underneath the weave as best as I could. I let that stay in my hair overnight and rinsed the next day. Then I sprayed Jane Carter's Revitalizing Leave in Conditioner to my hair, by lifting each track up one by one and spraying directly onto my hair. After spraying the conditioner I oiled each section using Doo Gro.

The next week I washed my hair again using the same method, but I decided that my deep conditioning method was too much of a hassle and that I was wasting my expensive Jessicurl, because it was hard to get it on my hair, so I changed my routine this time. Instead I applied Giovanni Tea Tree conditioner to my hair like I did the Jessicurl, put on a shower cap and took my shower, after I was done bathing I rinsed out the conditioner, so it was a more simplified DC. I applied the Jane Carter leave in again the same way and used my empty Doo Gro bottle and filled it with Castor Oil to apply it to my scalp.

So I plan to wash and condition my hair weekly using the same routine while I have my weave. And every other day I will spray the Jane Carter Leave In and then apply the Jane Carter Scalp Nourishing Serum.

As for my mini haul, I decided that since I am using better products for my hair, I should do the same for my skin as well, so I have been doing some research on skin products and decided to get some new products. Today I went to Whole Foods Market and purchased:
  • 365 Everyday Value Vegetable Glycerin Soap, French Milled, Unscented, 4oz $1.69
  • Everyday Shea Moisturizing Body Lotion, Unscented, 32 fl oz, $9.99
  • Dr. Bronner's Lavender Pure Castile Soap, 2 fl oz, $2.49
I will give more info on these products, plus some info on skincare products in a future post, also look forward to some reviews :)


Retromus-ik said...

How would you define your skin? Mine is quite oily as so far the oil cleansing method is working wonders. But, my chin is being quite stubborn. Even while I was on accutane, I still had bumps beneath the skin in that area. Dermatologists aren't helping, was wondering if you had any natural product recommendations!;)

CurlyChellez said...

I would define my skin as combination, my forehead is usually shiny while around my mouth and nose its tight and dry. I dont really have breakouts or anything so most of my life I only used water to wash my face and now I use Aveeno. But in my post when I referred to skin care products I was talking about soap that I use when showering, not necessarily my face.

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