Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2nd braidout attempt using Bee Mine Products and Tangle Teezer for the 1st time

So since I failed at my 1st braidout I decided to try again on wash day (Sunday). So I washed my hair using Giovanni 50:50 shampoo

 Then I DC'd with Bee Mine Deep Conditioner for 20 min with a shower cap on and no heat.

after I rinsed the DC out

After I rinsed out the DC, I applied Bee Mine Moisturizer to my hair and detangled in sections using the Tangle Teezer, after detangling each section, I sealed with EVCO. Then I applied SheaMoisture Dry Scalp Elixir to my scalp and massaged it in.
my hair with the Bee Mine Moiusturizer
Then my friend put 4 cornrows in my hair. She did not part the hair, she just applied Bee Mine Curly Butter to each section and smoothed it out with my Denman Brush. After that I put a scarf on my head. The next day I sprayed my hair with Carol's Daughter Tui Leave in conditioner and then put Bee Mine Curly Butter to the ends of each braid and put a flexi rod on the end, then put my scarf back on. Later that evening I sprayed my hair again with the Tui leave in. Then I applied castor oil to the parts of my hair, then applied jojoba oil to my braids and unraveled them.
took a pic asfter I had already started to unravel my hair

after all the braids were out

The braid out still didnt look to great, but it was better than my first attempt! I didnt seperate the braids, I just massaged my scalp to get rid of the parts. Then I applied ORS Edge Control to my edges and put a scarf around my edges. After an hour I took off the scarf and just put on a headband.

trying to smooth down my edges
finished product :/

That night I "pineappled my hair and slept on my satin pillowcase. The next morning I tried to play with different styles, but  it just wasnt working

first I tried to put all the hair to one side #fail

next i tried to slick down the front with a side part and wear the rest out, but once the wind hit outside I was looking a hot mess

luckily I had a hair tie on my wrist, so I ended up just putting my hair in a messy bun


Kiianah said...

Girl! The braidout actually looks very cute. I like how you pinned it to one side, I really think it's a cute style. Good job, you'll get better with practice to your liking!

CurlyChellez said...

Thank you! yeah, Im so lazy and I have always sucked at doing my own hair, but Im hoping to at least have a signature style soon!

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

I co-sign with Kiianah.... the side pinned look was super cute!!

CurlyChellez said...

thank u!

DIVA Style Threadz said...

Girl your hair didn't look bad at all. I think we (speaking about me too) are more hard on the outcome of our hair than others. What we think is a hot mess you get the most compliments on! I just recently experienced this. I understand though cause some days my hair does its own thing and i just want to tak some scissors and cut it all out, but then i think what would i do if i had to start all over again from a TWA! Hang in there girl. Have you ever tried flat twits???

CurlyChellez said...

Thank you, I guess we are our worst critics. yeah, I think the fact that my hair is so many different textures makes the styles look bad, and makes me want to just do a BC, but then I realize that if I BC I wont be able to do my go to style which is a bun. But I tried flat twists a few times, one time it came out great but the style didnt last, the other times it didnt look too good LOL.

Mz.Shazia said...

Im wayyyy late on this, but I just found ur blog today.....your braid out was cute, not a complete fail lol
However I think using six braids next time instead of (looks like) four would yield a better result. Medium braids hold the (curl) pattern better IMO. especially in the front where your curl pattern looks slightly looser
I have this same issue myself (darn u evil HEAT!!)and recently mastered my braidouts. finding the right amount of braids is key 6 or 7 ALWAYS work for me. HTH :-)

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