Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6 months

 ETA this pic:
keep in mind that my hair has been trimmed twice in between these pix, since I see more growth, looks like its time for another trim!

Wow, I cant believe its been 6 months already! I don't have much of an update from my 3 month post since I have had my hair in a sew in as a winter protective style. I plan on taking out my weave this weekend once I am done with finals and I am looking forward to trying out some new products and styles on my hair. I had recorded a video which explained my weave regimen but I uploaded it on my computer that crashed :/ So I will try to recover it so that I can show you all. Also, since my computer crashed, I also lost the pix I took prior to the installation of my weave. If you look at some of the posts from this month you will see my weave. I wore it curly most of the time, but I got it straightened and trimmed once as well. I cant wait to take this weave out of my head!!! I am counting down the days til finals are over!

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