Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Product Review: 365 Everyday Value Vegetable Glycerin Soap

Sorry, I forgot to take a pic before I took the wrapper off

Product: 365 Everyday Value Vegetable Glycerin Soap, French Milled
Scent: Unscented
Price: $1.69 @Whole Foods
Ingredients: Saponified coconut and/or palm oil, vegetable glycerin

A few months after I started my healthy hair journey, I decided that I also wanted to start taking better care of my skin, especially since the winter cold was drying my skin out. So I went to Whole Foods to get some natural soap and lotion. I pretty much just picked the cheapest soap that was unscented and and didn't have any unfavorable ingredients, which lead me to purchase the soap above. I used the soap daily since January and I recently finished the bar, so I decided that I have used it enough to review it.

What I liked:
The soap lathered well and didn't leave any soap scum in the soap holder, no residue at all.

What I didn't like:
After I showered I would do a smell check on my underarms LOL, and I could still smell my deodorant...or must LOL, so I would have to keep scrubbing to really get rid of the smell. IDK, if I just never noticed the smell before since I usually use scented soaps, so maybe before it was just masking the smell or maybe the soap was cleansing enough.

Bottom Line:
I didn't notice my skin being anymore moisturized with this soap, but it could also be due to the lotion I used in conjunction, which I reviewed here. I probably won't repurchase, but for a great price, I think that it would be great to try it for someone who is looking for a cheap natural soap. I recently purchase SheaMoisture African Black Soap for a lot more, but I am hoping to see better results, so expect to see a review of that later.

this is the soap after I had used it for 2 months, as you can see the soap doesn't leave any scum or residue

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