Saturday, April 9, 2011

bantu knot out

Wednesday night I cowashed my hair with Herbal Essence Totally Twisted and detangled in the shower with my wide tooth shower comb. I dried my hair with a cotton T-shirt. Next I got my blow dryer and put it on the low and cool setting and blew out my hair using my Denman brush. Since I am still growing out heat damage, I still do not use direct heat on my hair. There was no heat coming out of the blow dryer, just cool air, kind of like putting my hair in front of a fan. This allowed me to stretch my hair out but my hair was still damp, I only did it for like 5-10 mins. And I also sprayed my hair with heat protectant...just in case! 

So after that I put my hair in 16 bantu knots. I applied Shea Moisture Hold & Shine Hair Moisture Mist and Curl Enhancing smoothie to each section before putting it into a bantu knot. I put each Bantu knot in a 1 strand twist then secured it with an ouchless rubber band. Some sections were kind of big, so I flat twisted the hair at the root first.

Once I was done I went to sleep with a satin bonnet. The next morning I unraveled the knots using Jojoba oil. I didn't really separate the hair or anything, I just pretty much wore it as it was.
this is what it looked like right after I took out the knots, I hadn't styled it yet

this how I looked when I left for class

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