Friday, April 1, 2011

Feature Friday - Jasmine

Name: Jasmine Elliott

Location and what is the natural scene there? Nashville, TN. The natural scene is coming along. Not many naturals here, but more and more women/ children are choosing the natural route because of the harmful effect of the water and air here.

Why did u go natural? I went natural because I have always loved the big natural look. Even while having a relaxer, I would relax and then sew-in a BIG curly fro.

How did others react to you going natural? What was your response to them? My sister (who is natural with a BC as of February 2011) thought it was so cute! My mom on the other hand (who is also now natural for a little over a year) told me I needed to relax my hair quick. My response? I definitely wasn't turning back! i couldn't stop looking at my little curls!

In regards to your hair, how do you describe yourself (natural, curly, kinky, coiled, nappy, healthy, etc) and why? I decribe myself as "napptural". I even started my own hair styling business called Nappturals by Jas. 
Describe your hair (hair type, thickness, length, porosity, etc) I have realllly thick 3c/4a/4b/4c (whew!) hair. Its about 6" now. It soaks up any and all moisture it can get!

Describe your journey (did you transition, big chop, etc) At one point I was relaxing and expirimenting with color so much that I started waking up with my hair on my pillow. The shedding got rediculous. So I went without a relaxer for a couple months and BCed in January of 2009. I wasn't comfortable with the style being so short so I cut down to 1 inch so I could still wear braids and things. When it grew out to about 5 and a half inches i wanted to color it again. Unfortunately I did it wrong so I had to do another BC in december of 2009. But it was ok. I was ready for it.

What are your hair goals? My goals are to get my hair to mid-back  bra strap legnth by June of 2012

What is your staple style (please include picture)? My FAVE style is just the simple headband/afro. Its quick and cute and is perfect for every occasion.

What is your hair regimen? In the winter I try to moisturize as much as possible. I can't do many wash and goes. In the spring/summer/fall I wash n go almost everyday.

What are your staple/holy grail products? Making your own products is best. You can control how much oil your hair gets.

What is your definition of natural? Natural to me means being curly-kinky-coily in the most organic way :)

Best advice to someone who is thinking about going natural? Just do it. I promise you won't be leaving much behind.

Where can we find you on the web (blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Fotki, etc)? Facebook (add me by searching and YouTube search NapturalJas

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