Sunday, April 17, 2011

straight hair, dont care

I am currently typing this from my hotel in Denver, CO while I'm away for my sorority's regional conference. So I had been super busy this past week and I was stressing about how I would do my hair, so that it could last the entire weekend without me having to pack a whole bunch of products or spending lots of time restyling my hair. So I decided to go to my hairstylist to get a style similar to whats pictured below
I have never worn my hair like this before, but I thought it was a cute protective style that would look professional and last me for the weekend. Well, there were some changes in my schedule and I was no longer able to make it to my hair appointment. So to accommodate me, my stylist offered to squeeze me in when I had time and said she would straighten my hair, since it takes much less time. At first I was against it, since I didn't want to put heat on my hair, I figured I could just wear my hair in a bun. But then I figured that I need a trim,  so I should just go for it.

To prepare my hair to be straightened I washed with Mixed Chicks shampoo (the only shampoo I have with Sulfates) to clarify my hair. Then I applied Aphogee 2 min Protein treatment to strengthened my hair. Then I DC'd with Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner to restore the moisture in my hair. After rinsing with cool water, I squeezed the excess water out using a cotton t-shirt. Then I put my hair in about 16 twists so that my hair could air dry. Next I unraveled each twist 1 by 1 and sprayed in with Jane Carter Revitalizing leave in conditioner and blew it out using my blow dryer on the cool setting and my Denman brush. My hair was still slightly damp when I was done so I just let it continue to air dry. 



Before applying heat I applied Silk Elements Heat Protectant spray, Chi Keratin mist and something else I cant remember. Once my hair was straight, Mixed Chicks Hair Silk was applied to my hair to tame the fly aways. I didn't take any pix right after my hair was done, but I included some pix of me at the conference below.

quick flick b4 I went to bed

my neos and I

winning an award


Rita said...

wonderful straight hair
please follow me on my blog
would appreciate


Toya said...

Well hello, I've been reading through your blog and can't help but notice how much we have in common. We are both naturals, we both have blogs, we're both Leo's and from the above photo we ate both member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. I found your blog by chance but happy to have found a beautiful and talented soror.

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