Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New plans for my hair

So during my healthy journey, I have been trying many different styles that don't require heat. Most of the time, the styles don't come out how I envisioned them. Also, I am noticing a lot of breakage, or maybe its shedding IDK, but there is lots of hair in my combs after detangling. Maybe its average...but IDK what average looks like, I know its about 100 strands, but I cant tell by looking how many strands it is.  Anywho, I think these problems are due to my heat damaged ends. Most of my heat damage is on the left side of my head, the hair on that side of my head is also shorter. I have no idea why. But many times while styling I get the urge to just chop of those ugly, straggly ends. But I'm pretty sure I will regret if afterwards, b/c if I cut off my ends, I wont be able to put my hair in a bun, which is my go to style. So to resolve this problem I have decided to put a weave in my hair. My plan is to put my hair in a sew in weave for 3 months, when I take it out I will get a roller set and get my ends trimmed, then after a couple weeks I will put my hair back in a weave. I plan to do this for a year. which means I will get my hair in a weave 3-4 times. By this time next year I expect to have grown out all my heat damaged ends, and my trims should have cut them all away by that time. I plan to get my weave installed next week, which is perfect for Memorial Day weekend, b/c now I wont have to worry about styling my natural hair. Also, 2 weeks from then will be my graduation, so Ill probably go get my hair done again that weekend, after that I will most likely style my hair on my own. I just purchased my hair online from Sundara, it is a black owned company that sells virgin Remy Indian hair. I have never used hair from this company, but I saw a couple of good reviews, and I like that it is black owned and the prices are great as well. In the past I always purchased my hair from Pauline's Human Hair which I am able to get locally. Pauline's has great customer service, but their hair is really expensive. Well this post is getting long, but I will update you all on my weave and my natural hair!

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