Saturday, July 16, 2011

I was featured on the Natural Haven

 I was featured both last month and this month on a great blog called the Natural Haven. The blog provides great info on the science of natural hair. She recently started a series on "shortish" natural hair, and I was featured twice on the series, you can check them out on the following links:

Sunshine Award

I was awarded the Sunshine Award by Chelsea of Curly and Young.I am very thankful for winning this award, especially since I have been slacking on my blogging lately LOL. Please check out Chelsea's blog, there is a lot of good info on there and she just posted a great post on her Henna experience.
The Rules
Thank the person who awarded you and link back to the person
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Fact About Me:
Although I majored in Sociology and want to work in Student Affairs, a certain part of me wants to pursue a career in Event Planning.

Now the fun part...

The Blogs I Love

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hey all!

Just wanted to give you an update since I have been slacking on this blog. My last quarter of school was extremely busy and towards the end I was overwhelmed with school, work, my sorority, preparing for graduation and moving  which resulted in me neglecting my blog. Now that I have graduated and moved out, I have not really had internet access and my life is kind of all over the place right now, which makes it hard for me to blog. Also, since I have a sew in right now, I can't really blog on my natural hair. So please bear with me right now, as I am trying to get it together. But I do have a lots of reviews in store for you all, so stay tuned!

Monday, July 4, 2011

My little sisters twistout

my lil sis crying at my graduation (this is how her hair usually looks)

On Friday I put my little sister's hair in flat twists since I left for the weekend, I told her to unravel her hair before she goes out to wear her hair in a twistout.
I wish I took a picture of the flat twists, b/c they actually looked kind of cute. But I had just did too layers of flat twists. 4 were in the back, then I did a diagonal side part on the top layer and I did about 4 on each side. I moisturized her hair with Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner, then used gel for hold.. Once I was done, I pulled her hair in a low bun, and then tied her hair down with a scarf. She took the twists down today but left one flat twist in the front.
Since Im not with my sister, she texted my pix of the results, so its not the best quality. BTW, my sister has been natural her whole life, but she usually wears it straightened or pulled back in a bun. So this would be the first time she wears her hair out and curly.

Music Monday - Firework

Anyone going to watch Fireworks today? Well if not, enjoy Katy Perry's video for Music Monday :)

Happy Independence Day...send me your pics!

Check out the reader submissions!

                                                                       Vonnie from Socialite Dreams                                                                             

Tashauna at the New Edition Concert

I hope everyone had an amazing and safe holiday weekend. If you rocked a fro in honor of National Afro Day, please send me a pic so that I can post it on the enjoy the rest of your day, and save me a plate! LOL

Pictures can be emailed to

Huda's Beauty Blog: Sigma's F80 Review & Giveaway

Huda's Beauty Blog: Sigma's F80 Review & Giveaway: "Last week, I received the Sigma F80 aka the flat top synthetic kabuki brush. I've used it every day for the past week since I've gotten it, ..."

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sundara Hair Update

Hey! I had my weave installed for over a month now, so I decided to do a review of the hair.

Refined and Polished 100 Followers Giveaway

Visit the following link for a chance to win the polishes above

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My first lace front

In May I ordered a lace front wig after seeing a review from Taren916 on Youtube. Since I ordered it through a special group deal, I am just recently got the wig in the mail. so far I am not too impressed by the wig, so I am debating on whether i will return it. But since I currently have a weave, I cannot properly try on the wig, and I don't plan on taking out my weave until next month and 30 days would have passed by then. Anyways, when I get a chance, I will try to do a full review on the wig.
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