Monday, July 4, 2011

My little sisters twistout

my lil sis crying at my graduation (this is how her hair usually looks)

On Friday I put my little sister's hair in flat twists since I left for the weekend, I told her to unravel her hair before she goes out to wear her hair in a twistout.
I wish I took a picture of the flat twists, b/c they actually looked kind of cute. But I had just did too layers of flat twists. 4 were in the back, then I did a diagonal side part on the top layer and I did about 4 on each side. I moisturized her hair with Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner, then used gel for hold.. Once I was done, I pulled her hair in a low bun, and then tied her hair down with a scarf. She took the twists down today but left one flat twist in the front.
Since Im not with my sister, she texted my pix of the results, so its not the best quality. BTW, my sister has been natural her whole life, but she usually wears it straightened or pulled back in a bun. So this would be the first time she wears her hair out and curly.


Sunny Side-Up said...


Your sister is pretty and her hair is gorgeous! Great job big sis with the flat-twist.

God bless!

CurlyChellez said...

Thank you! My sister and mom liked it too, my sister even asked me to do it again for her school pic

Kiki Rocks Kinks said...

Looking good! Wow, you ladies certainly have some length! ;)

CurlyChellez said...

@Kiki Thanks! yeah my lil sis and mom have always had really long hair, Im trying to catch up to them LOL

ChiffonLaceLeather said...

The twist out came out great and your sister is beautiful.

Chiffon, Lace and Leather Fashion Blog

CurlyChellez said...

Thank you, and make sure to enter my current giveaway!

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