Friday, August 12, 2011

Feature Friday: NaturalhairLatina


Name: NaturalhairLatina

Location and what is the natural scene there? Arkansas-Hour away from Arkansas State University (ASU) Also, hour away from Memphis TN…First I only noticed a handfull of Naturals, mostly older women. Now I see more naturals

Why did u go natural? Mainly because of health reasons. The older I become the more I have to focus on my health.

How did others react to you going natural?
I transitioned in Nov 2009 and BC May 2010, when I walked out my bathroom my daughter started to cry and said… mom is baldheaded. My mother would ask when I had a TWA, when are you getting micro’s? What was your response to them? I just smiled, they see how soft my hair is and the length, they ask to to twist or play in my

In regards to your hair, how do you describe yourself and why? I describe myself as natural, curly, kinky, coiled, nappy, afro, happy hair. My hair doesn’t define me, I’m naturally beautiful, I accept me.


Describe your hair I don’t know my hair type. I just know its natural and love’s moisture and about 5-6 inches


Describe your journey I transitioned in Nov 2009 and BC May 2010,

What are your hair goals? My main fous is healthy hair….I may BC again..

What is your staple style
? Simple wash and go or AFRO


What is your hair regimen? At least once a month I cleanse my scalp with an baking soda paste I make. I rinse with a rosemary Tea water. I currently like the Nature’s Gate aloe vera   (daily) conditioner. I use a leave in detangler from nuNAAT Karite Special. Hair in 8 twist let air dry

What are your staple/holy grail products? Shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, Jamaican black Castrol oil, Vegetable glycerin, 100% Aloe Vera Gel and olive oil. I can mix and make my own product

What is your definition of natural? The truth …separated from fictiom

Best advice to someone who is thinking about going natural?
Learn to write your own story in a journal. Natural is separating truth from fiction…You are beautiful, embrace the journey. xoxoxo

Where can we find you on the web?


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