Monday, August 22, 2011

Look what I got...

I had a rough first day at work today, but I came home to a great package in the mail. I received my prize from Love Your Natural Hair Blog and it made my day much better, even though I have to be at work at 4a and I just got home from work...smh. The package was so great, that I am considering sending her a gift in return since her bday just past. Check out the package below

2 pairs of earrings
pedicure kit
NYX Lip Products
clutch from from her own line
Younikness hair accessories
I love trying new lip balms!!!
I got 2 of each product!!!!
makeup bag
And speaking of birthdays, I also celebrated my birthday this month and my lovely neos bought me some Carol's Daughter's products. So between all of these new products, expect plenty new reviews among the many other I already had lined up.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cassie gets Kinky!


Do you like Cassie's new photos?I'm sure they used a lot of hairspray and teasing to get her hair to look like that, so I guess kinky hair is high fashion now LOL

Remember Jon B???

Just saw a recent picture of Jon B and his wife...and she's natural!


And  I also spotted another celeb with a natural wife. Jameer Nelson who plays for Orlando Magic.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

My 1 year Curliversary Giveaway sponsored by Seisyn Jewelry!!!


Hey Lovelies!

A month from today marks my 1 year anniversary of rocking my hair in its natural state. So to celebrate I will be hosting a giveaway from Seisyn Jewelry. I would like to thank all my readers for the support and tips throughout my journey. And according to, Seisyn is a variation of the word, season and their definition of the word season reminds me of my natural hair journey. I encourage you all to visit the website and read the "About Seisyn" section and see how it relates to your experience.

Read below for some info on Seisyn and how you can win some of their beautiful pieces!

What is the inspiration Behind Seisyn?
Natives of Chicago, we LaNaye and LaToya, have partnered in ownership of Seisyn since 2003. Initially beginning as a creative pastime, we officially launched our company professionally after receiving much public appeal in the Baltimore area during our undergraduate matriculation at Morgan State University.  We have always had big dreams fueled by equally strong amounts of talent and passion. This has enabled Seisyn’s distribution in several boutiques in Chicago, as well as a featured spot during New York Fashion Week 2009. Through Seisyn’s distinctively matchless product line we offer a tailored experience in jewelry that is never duplicated. Both of our inspiration to create wearable art comes from the desire to promote the freedom in women to be bold, uninhibited, and take risks. It is always our goal to continue to increase the visibility of our brand, so we expanded to include a children’s line and are anticipating a global expansion via our website in 2011.

What makes Seisyn different from other jewelry lines?
She is the fun, funky, fashionista. She is ageless and colorless-her only concern is style that differentiates her from every other woman. She rejects normality but when forced upon her she makes it her own. She is a woman that never goes unnoticed. She is comfortable and confident in her own image & identity, and when she’s not it goes unnoticed. People look to her to set the bar…she is the trend setter but never follows the trend. She is constantly renewing herself.  To call her “ideal” is an understatement.

How do you want ladies to feel when they wear your jewelry?
Within every woman exists a certain freedom that is waiting, wanting to be exposed. Some are willing and unafraid to operate from that place, some need permission to liberate our creative niche.  Seisyn is the catalyst! Women should not feel inhibited in our sense of artistic physical expression. Be fun, colorful, different, courageous, bold, beautiful…be you! We invite you to explore & expose the woman in you that is free, your highest self. Crafting hand beaded jewelry that elicits autonomy is our pleasure. Seisyn: Experience, Femininity, Evolve…


Giveaway Rules:
1. Visit and leave a comment on here letting me know your favorite piece
2.  Subscribe to this blog and let me know how you follow it
3. Put your email address

For extra entries:
1. Follow both and @Seisyn and @curlychellez on Twitter (put your twitter name) +2
2. Add Curly Chellez on Facebook and become a fan of Seisyn's page, leave a comment on Seisyn page saying, "@Curly Chellez sent me" make sure to use the @ with my name so that you can link it back to my page +3
3. Tweet "Enter @curlychellez giveaway to win @Seisyn Jewelry at" +1 (in your comment leave me a link of the actual tweet)
4. Subscribe to my Youtube page +1
5. Make a blog post and/or Youtube video that talks about Seisyn Jewelry and my giveaway +5 each

*Only 1 comment per person (include your extra entries in your original comment)

The giveaway ends on September 14, 2011 at 11:00 PST
The winner will be announced on my anniversary...September 15, 2011!

The winner will receive Stillness and High Five. Stillness is from the adult line and High Five from the kids line


Friday, August 12, 2011

Feature Friday: NaturalhairLatina


Name: NaturalhairLatina

Location and what is the natural scene there? Arkansas-Hour away from Arkansas State University (ASU) Also, hour away from Memphis TN…First I only noticed a handfull of Naturals, mostly older women. Now I see more naturals

Why did u go natural? Mainly because of health reasons. The older I become the more I have to focus on my health.

How did others react to you going natural?
I transitioned in Nov 2009 and BC May 2010, when I walked out my bathroom my daughter started to cry and said… mom is baldheaded. My mother would ask when I had a TWA, when are you getting micro’s? What was your response to them? I just smiled, they see how soft my hair is and the length, they ask to to twist or play in my

In regards to your hair, how do you describe yourself and why? I describe myself as natural, curly, kinky, coiled, nappy, afro, happy hair. My hair doesn’t define me, I’m naturally beautiful, I accept me.


Describe your hair I don’t know my hair type. I just know its natural and love’s moisture and about 5-6 inches


Describe your journey I transitioned in Nov 2009 and BC May 2010,

What are your hair goals? My main fous is healthy hair….I may BC again..

What is your staple style
? Simple wash and go or AFRO


What is your hair regimen? At least once a month I cleanse my scalp with an baking soda paste I make. I rinse with a rosemary Tea water. I currently like the Nature’s Gate aloe vera   (daily) conditioner. I use a leave in detangler from nuNAAT Karite Special. Hair in 8 twist let air dry

What are your staple/holy grail products? Shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, Jamaican black Castrol oil, Vegetable glycerin, 100% Aloe Vera Gel and olive oil. I can mix and make my own product

What is your definition of natural? The truth …separated from fictiom

Best advice to someone who is thinking about going natural?
Learn to write your own story in a journal. Natural is separating truth from fiction…You are beautiful, embrace the journey. xoxoxo

Where can we find you on the web?


Sunday, August 7, 2011

I did my little sisters hair again

I did my little sisters hair for her 1st day of school! I curled her hair with my curling wand. She has burgundy clip ins in her hair. The black hair is her natural hair. The wand curled both hair well.


Support Awkward Black Girl

Some of you may have heard of the show, but if not I have included episode 1 below. I love this show and in order for it to continue they need support! Donations can be made at the link below. Oh, and BTW, the creator and lead actress is NATURAL!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Monday - The Weeknd

 Hey! I haven't done Music Monday for awhile, but I wanted to introduce you all to this artist I have been listening to lately. Its a 20 yo singer from Toronto who reminds me of a mixture if Miguel, The Dream and Drake (when he sings). You may of already heard of him, but if not, check out one of his songs below and enjoy!

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